Saturday, October 08, 2005

[advent children OST]

This is undoubtedly one of the best soundtracks I've ever heard. Years of playing Final Fantasy games has exposed me to its diverse and creative music and has turned me into a fan of Nobuo Uematsu - the master composer of all the Final Fantasy Soundtracks - so of course I'm guilty of being biased. This is his best work yet.

The soundtrack features mostly new scores made especially for the movie but for longtime FFVII fans like me, it's the old remastered tracks that always get my attention.

The FFVII Battle theme has three versions in the movie: the piano version used in the Tifa vs. Loz fight and the techno-rock version used in the Turks vs. Sephiroth clones fight and another techno-rock version used in the highway chase to old Midgar. The remixed versions sounded so different I almost didn't recognize them. And of course, what better way to use the Boss Battle theme than on the Bahamutt battle scene!

You can't have a decent FFVII sequel without the Opening Theme, "JEHOVA" and "One Winged Angel" - remastered to become evern creepier, louder and more malevolent than before. Hearing it just as Sephiroth 'descended' made me shiver while watching the movie. Tifa's and Aerith's themes also come back as piano versions.

Of course the soundtrack isn't just a bunch of remixed and remastered songs, some of the tracks are new and were made especially for the movie. "Cloud Smiles" is my personal favorite among the newer tracks. The featured track "Calling" sung by Kyosuke Himuro wasn't so good, it's ok but it's not really my type. Overall, the soundtrack is a must-have for all longtime Final Fantasy fans, new fans of the movie and still a great soundtrack; fan or no.

Tracklisting(26 tracks! Sulit!):

Disc 1

1. Opening (1:31)
2. The Promised Land (2:52)
3. Beyond The Wasteland (4:14)
4. Sign (1:49)
5. Tifa's Theme (Piano Version) (4:23)
6. For the Reunion (2:32)
7. Tatakau Monotachi (Piano Versi (4:00)
8. Water (2:21)
9. Materia (0:53)
10. Black Water (2:40)
11. Aerith's Theme (Piano Version) (4:07)
12. Battle in the Forgotten City (3:25)
13. Violator (2:35)
14. Kita no Daikudo (FFVII AC Ver.) (1:51)

Disc 2

1. Divinity I (2:54)
2. Tatakau Monotachi (FFVII AC Ver.) (2:00)
3. Sara ni Tatakau Monotachi (FFV (4:24)
4. Divinity II (3:35)
5. Encounter (0:53)
6. The Chase of Highway (4:34)
7. Savior (2:16)
8. J-E-N-O-V-A (FFVII AC Ver.) (2:46)
9. Advent: One Winged Angel (6:07)
10. Cloud Smiles (3:29)
12. End Credits (5:36)
13. Calling (5:03)

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